Opening access to Scientific Facilities

Two pieces of open access interest news concerning CERN have popped out of the internet.

The first is the news that CERN has been awarded the 2010 SPARC-Europe Award for Outstanding Achievements in Scholarly Communications for their Sponsoring Consortium for Open Access Publishing, SCOAP3, project, which aims to bring the world of High Energy Physics research into the public domain.

The second is that CERN, along with other particle physics institutions across the globe, is to fling open its doors to amateur photographers as part of Particle Physics Photowalk on the 7th of August. Previous walk photos are here.

Other organisations opening up their past as well as their present include NASA, who is on the look out for a Supervisory Historian to join its team and look after the NASA History project.

And finally, Jodrell Bank Radio Observatory is back on the hunt for World Heritage Status. It has joined a number of other locations in the UK competing for the status, suggesting that sites of scientific interest are underrepresented at present.


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