Upcoming events in Kendal

Stuart Atkinson has stuck up a page on three upcoming events in Kendal – a public observing night with the Eddington Astronomical Society this Friday 16th of July, a talk he will be giving in Kendal Library at 3pm on the 30th of July and a display along the Waterside area, which will be the second Kendal Solar System Scale Model (the first one here) between 12-4pm on Saturday the 14th of August. Here’s the poster for the nearest of the three, Friday’s Observing event (kicking off at 10pm if the skies cooperate).


3 responses to “Upcoming events in Kendal

  1. Unfortunately I missed this… do you know if there are any similar events planned and are they suited to little ones as well as adults? Thanks…

    • We do these fairly regularly, the last one happening at the middle of last month. If you check the EAS Website, then details of upcoming events will be posted there. All public observing events are suitable for children and we usually bring along a telescope on a small stand for them to look through.

      Alternatively, Kendal Museum’s Space Explorers group is our young astronomy arm. There’s one more meeting – on the third Saturday of November – this year and its designed for ages 9-16 at a cost of £3 per session.

  2. Thanks, Philip. Our children are possibly a bit too little just now but I’ve logged this for in a couple of years’ time…

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