Some more things to do

The European, Italian and UK space agencies are to club together and put on a Space Zone at the Farnborough Air Show on the 19th-25th of July. Earth observation, communications satellites, future missions and the six ESA astronaut candidates are to feature in the exhibit. There will also be a Space Day conference on Wednesday and a Future’s Day for schools and students on Friday.

A science blogging event is to be held this Thursday, 18:00 – 20:30 at the Biochemical Society, Charles Darwin House. It will include people listing their favourite blogs. I expect many mentions…

The keepers at the Zooniverse are looking to create a new citizen science project based on star formation. Project 9 is in development and will need feedback to help put it into some usable form.

Astronomy Now is still looking for any translations of editions of books written by Patrick Moore in any genre and under any name. Their growing list is here and they want to know if they can reach Sir Patrick’s estimate of there being one thousand of the things. See if you can find any to forward to them.

For observationalists, there is a dwarf nova in outburst, possibly superoutburst according to this notice, which ultimately came from the American Association of Variable Star Observers. The star, QZ Vir, has risen from 16th to 10th magnitude. The AAVSO would like observers to report either visual magnitude or CCD photometry of the star during this event. Meanwhile I would like to know why this special report didn’t appear on their twitter feed

…and finally, if you have nothing else to do, why not read up on the top questions for particle physics for the next two decades? You never know, reconfigure your microwave and you may solve one or two… or alternatively, there’s always NASA Blueshift‘s weekly blog of awesomeness, describing their favourite bits of space news in the last seven days.


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