A couple of spaceweather bits

With solar activity in the spotlight due to the eclipse revealing a little more of the solar corona than is generally seen with the naked eye during an average day, there’s a couple of other bits of space weather news doing the rounds.

First off there is an android app called Solaris out. Nothing to do with the film, but a way of sending alerts related to geomagnetic disturbances straight to your phone. The nowcasting of space weather uses a number of solar and Earth observation satellites to do its stuff.

Then there is the appearance of sunspot 1087, which can be seen along with other space weather related news at spaceweather.com. This, unlike the previous 1084, is a sunspot with a raging field that is giving off some stuff that could lead to disturbed times in the geomagnetic arena. So look north or to your aurora alert services for those elusive green bands. For those with solar capable telescopes (or who do projections) then the sunspot is also quite large and complex compared to 1084 too.

Of course, there’s a whole lot of other weather that needs to move out of the way before anything could be seen from here…


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