Even more astro stuff to do

If you are in Washington DC (not far from Kendal, I’m sure), then the DCist has five things for you to do, from meeting astronauts, a night at the planetarium and Mars Day to joining other astronomers at the Mall, where telescopes will be set up for Astronomy Night at the National Mall.

If you’re in London, perhaps you could join these people and go “maths busking”.

Alternatively, if you’re, well, anywhere, then there’s a few things to see in the sky. For those more casual stargazers, the Guardian has some observing highlights in its sky notes. For those a little bit more experienced, the BAA has posted an introduction to its Jupiter Observing Section (what and how to observe) on its blog. For those with even more dedication, there’s been another alert from the American Association of Variable Sky Observers. This notice is about the star CI Cyg, in the constellation of Cygnus, which undergoes long periods (years) of outbursts when it flares in brightness and then long periods (decades) of nothing. The last outburst in the seventies included three brightness peaks and it looks as though we’re following a similar pattern this time. The present set of outbursts has seen one peak and looks to be headed to the second within the next couple of weeks, reaching better than tenth magnitude (it is presently better than eleventh).

If you’re in Kendal on Friday past ten o’clock, then we’ll be meeting at Abbott Hall park for a public observing session. There’ll also be a scale model of the solar system next month. If you want a tool to help put such a thing on, this google maps based thing might help work out ranges.

And finally if you’re in Farnborough next week and want to know more about what’s happening at the Space Zone in the air show, or you’re a media representative wanting to get to those places only a press pass will take you, but don’t know where to register, this page may help.


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