Submersed in science

Want to get wrapped up in maths? Lost in space? Tangled in the ever changing terrain of science and technology? Well there’s a few things going on that may be able to help.

First look for the science around you – local practitioners, places of interest. NASA’s Blueshift blog has been doing a series of these and the current one looks at Switzerland, home to Yuri Gagarin and CERN.

If that’s not enough, then how about immersing yourself in a science environment? The Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago is looking for volunteers to spend a Month in the Museum. Renumeration to the tune of $10,000 and the notebook computer plus camera used to record your experiences will be the reward for the person deemed able to complete the assignment. You will quite literally live and breath the museum, with little outside contact. You will take part in their demonstrations, explore their exhibits in and out of normal ours and even sleep in some “non traditional” places. Applicants should be outgoing bloggers and writers prepared to put on video diaries. Mars500 it aint, but it isn’t Big Brother either. Applications must be in by August 11th.

Perhaps you don’t want to sink quite that far into it all. Maybe you’re a teacher who just wants a bit of a boost. Something hands on to help get your head round all these esoteric things you pass on to the kiddies. NASA now offers 16 USA high school teachers the chance to join them for the Simulation-Based Aerospace Engineering Teacher Professional Development internship. This will see them learn about computer modelling and the role it plays in designing and improving aerospace applications.

But maybe even that’s a bit of a stretch for you? Well, there’s a film coming out, a biopic of a female astronomer, Hypatia, who lived in Alexandria in the 4th century and placed the Sun at the centre of the solar system. An interview with the actress playing her is here. The film is called Agora.


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