Technology Transferred

NASA’s cloud computing platform has been selected for inclusion in an open source cloud computing project, OpenStack. Cloud computing sees a number of different applications run by web users, but hosted on remote servers that can hold and deal with them. NASA is making use of it to allow researchers and members of the public access some large datasets and perform a little analysis on data. Their cloud computing system is called Nebula, a space term that means cloud.

ESA meanwhile has been transferring technology on a more physical level. The Farnborough air show is on (under those near mythical conditions of blue skies that don’t quite seem as prevalent here under in the lakes). ESA have a Space Zone at the event with lots of interesting things to see. The main event there today was a chance for entrepreneurs to learn about the space industry and the assistance ESA looks to provide to businesses in it.

One piece of technology transferred to the National Space Centre in Leicester might raise a few eyebrows, not to mention the occasional leg. It is a spacesuit for a dog. Various dogs were sent up by the Soviet space program in order to field test spacecraft designs. Often labelled Mutnik, the first dog in space was Laika and was followed by many more, ostensibly bred for the job but in reality many were strays. The suit is going on display as part of a Space Race Exhibition.

As it is astronomy and space science, technology must come with an acronym. Various agencies have rules over what acronyms can be, hoping to prevent reuse of the best of them, but the rules can’t stop every abuse. Some of the worst of the best have been put into a list here.


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