Kendal Solar System Scale Model in the news!

It hasn’t even happened yet, and won’t until the fourteenth of August, but the second Kendal Solar System Scale Model has already crept into the local news.

The model will see members of the Eddington Astronomical Society lined up along Waterside by the river Kent in the town of Kendal representing planets, minor planets and spacecraft at distances representative of their actual mean spacing from the Sun.

We did this last year (my report here) and it was very popular, but Kendal Castle was felt to be a bit muddy, unsurprisingly hilly and remote, plus for people like me, trapped by Pluto down the hill out of sight from everyone else except the other guy on Pluto duty, rather lonely. This time, everyone is on the flat, on hard ground and in sight of at least a couple of others. Except for Pluto, who’ll struggle to see Neptune by the Parish Church, but I’ve changed planets, so that won’t matter so much.

Some businesses are getting in on the act and may do spacey stuff to help by the inner solar system part of the model, which sees planets close together and lots of activity. Here’s some pics below of the orbits of the solar system superimposed on Kendal at about the right size (scaled to a 160mm diameter Sun) as well as the main event poster.


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