Some science policy stuff

There’s an article in the Guardian by a physics teacher talking about the problem of religious sensitivity in science lessons, why it must be faced and how the best science teaching teaches the pupils to think and investigate for themselves.

The European Union’s science budget for next year has just been increased by twelve percent compared to this year’s budget, adding an extra 6.4 billion euros to the allocation. This includes 1.4 billion to cover the shortfall in the building projects related to the nuclear fusion plant Iter and then 5 billion to produce jobs protected from global weathering within the EU. At presently one twentieth of the science spending in the EU is by central funding.

Some photos have been put on Alice Bell’s flickr account, including pictures related to Talkfest, the science blogging community’s recent get-together and behind the scenes shoots from the Geek Calendar (clothes on, sadly).

Next Tuesday, there’s another chance for a meet up with space enthusiasts as the STS-132 astronauts will be returning the odd bit of memorabilia to the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum in Washington DC, as well as giving a bit of a talk about their trip to the International Space Station, the final full-crew mission of the space shuttle Atlantis. The event will be at 10:30am and is free.


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