Yet more Apollo stuff

Even more anniversary bits and pieces are slowly dripping through the interwebs toward me.

How did the Apollo astronauts get life insurance? Apparently, just before they entered the capsule, or as close to it as possible, the three astronauts on every trip would sign postcards. Were there to be a catastrophe, the cards would be sold at a premium to provide for those who were left behind.

Members of the Apollo-Soyuz Test Program, sometimes referred to as Apollo 18, which happened in 1975, three years after the final Apollo mission to the Moon set off home, met the Russian president Vladimir Putin recently on the 35th anniversary of the mission that saw an Apollo capsule dock with a Soyuz one for the first time ever, leading to the systems used on Mir and the International Space Station. Here’s a picture.

Samples of Moon rock brought back by Apollo 14 have been found to contain members of the mineral group apatite. This chemical, when heated, releases water created by combining hydrogen with hydroxyl, or OH. The similarity between the apatite and terrestrial apatites suggest that volcanoes on both worlds were powered by water as well as carbon and sulphur. This in turn suggests that as well as the solar wind generated water and the ice locked up in shadowed craters, there is also water trapped in the rocks of the Moon.

Moon related videos from the BBC can be viewed at this link.

The NASA lunar exploration game MoonBase Alpha, in which actual or proposed NASA tech can be used to create a simulated Moon base, has had an update to correct some issues and launched a competition for videos and images showing off the best of the Lunar bases.


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