Some science education stuff

Two articles on the BBC discussed the future of university education. One was reporting on Digby Jones‘ plea for more vocational courses and courses with greater relevance to the end jobs (as opposed to the million geography students filling the accountancy firms route we have now). Another reported on a university attempting to defend diversity by resisting calls by the Welsh Assembly to merge with another institution. The Assembly believes it has too many small institutions unable to weather storms or cope with any problems that may arise and so want to create larger facilities able to cut it on the world stage. Some support the move, others don’t as the article shows.

A science outreach group called Guerilla Science has been putting on lectures and ‘quirky’ demonstrations at The Secret Garden Party in an attempt to bring science to new audiences. More at the Guardian’s blog.

The BBC science series Wonders of the Solar System (soon to be followed by the Wonders of the Universe) is to receive an American premiere on the 4th of August. Trailer here.

On the 11th-14th of August, the entire planet will be rocking to the strains of the twitter Meteorwatch (with a breath respite on the final day as they all descend on Kendal for the Solar System Scale Model from 12-4pm). As time draws on, more bits and pieces of the website are emerging. Now live, the Meteorwatch Gallery. While you’re waiting, why not read up on the chances of a big thing hitting us (and what size of thing regularly does) on Discovery, as well finding out how researchers have used google Earth to find an impact crater.

Talking of big impacts, Astronomy Now have collected a bibliography of more than two hundred books (different editions, translations and in different genres and even under different names) written by Patrick Moore. They’re aiming to prove his statement that there must be over one thousand variants of different books he’s written over the years. See, and maybe contribute to, the collection here.


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