Some science policy stuff

Even more stuff to enjoy.

During ICHEP2010, it was not hard to distinguish the views of the French President from the actions of the UK funding quango, the STFC. On the one hand, there was a President praising the mobility of knowledge, the deregulation of science and increased funds for blue skies research as a matter of national prestige and human endeavour. On the other side of the channel, all postdoctoral jobs were limited to those accounted for in grants handled in a strict managerial way rather than allowing for free form research that could handle natural development in science priorities better than three year plans. On the one hand, praise for particle physics. On the other, a job for the CEO of the RAEng, which criticised the funds going to particle physics. On the one hand support for research, on the other removal of part of the UK research capacity, while increasing the numbers of people trained to do the job. STFC has a commitment under the Haldane principle to support science rather than managerial changes to its structure, otherwise the science minister, as I have said before, can step in.

For those hoping to advise our own ministers on science matters, the Parliamentary Office for Science and Technology is after a Physical Sciences Advisor. Read more and apply here.


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