Talking science and science policy

…since they’re linked through the science blogging community.

A glimpse into the rearrangement of higher education was recently given when the first private university for over thirty years was given the go ahead. The college, which will deal in the humanities, will be free to expand and set fee levels as it wishes and in return will get no subsidy from the Government.

Also given the go ahead was the recent plan for putting central funds into the Iter fusion reactor to cover spiralling building costs.

Meanwhile in the UK’s own atomic establishment, the UK Atomic Energy Authority has a new chair from the world of particle physics, Professor Roger Cashmore, who will take up his post from Friday.

And as one thing starts, another ends. The workforce for the space shuttles has been given some more marching orders. This happens at a time of increased activity in the private space sector and when even hobbyists are starting to launch satellites into space.

Two meetings of the science blogging community have been set on different sides of the pond. First up is SpaceUpDC, advertised as an “unconference” where all delegates from tiny tots to government professors are awarded equal status. The event will happen from 9-5pm, August 27th-28th at George Washington University’s Funger Hall Auditorium. Further information about the event can be seen in their youtube trailer:

The UK equivalent, in a way, is Science Online, happening on September 3rd-4th at the British Library. This is very much a “conference”, discussing the effect of the web on science and vice versa. They have a twitter feed.

One way the web has been used by science is citizen science things such as the Zooniverse. The latest project for the Zooniverse, Project IX, is currently under development and in the spirit of the whole citizen science, open source thing, is being developed under the noses and with the help of the general public.

Another way the web is being used is by the Bad Astronomy Surly Cancer Drive Pendant, which uses the popularity of the (now to be on film) Bad Astronomy blog to help raise awareness of a cancer charity fund drive.

As for the normal blog stuff, you can get an idea of what is being written, filmed and broadcast by checking this aggregator site.


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