Some pictures

Today, Saturday 7th of August, will see the particle physics photowalk, in which five institutions across the globe fling open their doors and allow in the public to take snaps of places normally kept to the scientists. More information here.

Previously, behind the scenes footage would need a few years and a photographer among the scientists to produce documentary records of research stations – like this Soviet one at the North Pole. Now the internet allows cameras to beam their findings from one part of the Earth to another in a matter of hours – such as video of the recent auroral happenings. From inside places like NASA, blogs like this one allow researchers to put up pictures and text to give a taste of the life inside a facility.

But where else might you get an opportunity to photograph science in action? Well, there’s always a space vehicle launch. These images and videos are from the most recent launch of an Ariane 5 rocket from Arianespace, ESA’s spaceport. Although you might have missed that one, STS-133, the final flight of the space shuttle Discovery, is scheduled to happen on the 1st of November at 4:40pm local time. Tickets can be bought from here.

For an easier way to get some images of the night sky to show off, why not join in International Observe the Moon Night? Astronomers Without Borders has designated the 18th of September as a Moon watch night, when people are encouraged to take part in activities centred around the Moon – lectures, displays, star parties etc. Further details on registering your event, or finding registered events in your area are here.

Or, even better, join in the Perseid Twitter Meteorwatch between the 11th and 14th of August. On the 14th of August, for those in Kendal, there will also be a Solar System Scale Model to admire.


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