The UK X-files latest release

I recently found an old astronomy scrapbook I kept until I filled the pages with cuttings from the Times and local papers. At the back were records from a group of local UFO sightings, one of which got an airing in the most recent release of files from the MOD. The Morecambe sighting was only briefly mentioned in the Times report on the release from what I saw (now hidden behind an inconvenient paywall), others focused on a dramatic landslide and rocket burn-up event, as well as Churchill’s views of UFOs and a bet on the presence of extraterrestrial life, both covered in the BBC report. The full release can be found here, but if you want a very abridged version, the decision by the MoD to close down the UFO sighting investigation desk after asking other organisations to stop routinely forwarding every sighting on to them and deciding that there really isn’t, after decades of trying, anything worth investigating says it all.


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