More #Meteorwatch mentions as the Perseids proceed to peak

The twitter Meteorwatch will enter its second night tonight with the shower expected to peak this evening. News reports are coming in far and wide with the BBC giving an overview of the shower, an expert opinion and then another overview. National Geographic also have an article on how to see the shower and Wired have a quick note. The usual suspects put up their own Perseid pieces too, such as Astronomy Now and Sky and Telescope. NASA have put out a release of their own and will be hosting a live webchat from 8-9pm BST as well as an all night live Meteorwatch for those in the USA timezones at this website. The UK Space Agency have also put out a release and the RAS have done the same. Images of Perseids are already cropping up on and data from the International Meteor Organisation suggest the Zenithal Hourly Rate is up to around 53 already, suggesting more than a meteor overhead a minute by the time we hit the peak. And just to end with, here’s a more audiovisual way to take in all that information:


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