Some citizen science stuff

Been out of action for a week or so, now time to try and round up bits and pieces of all the news I missed…

First up is Solar Storm Watch, which allows data from solar observation probes to be analysed by users of the website. They have announced that through their twitter feed, people will soon be alerted in close to real time when a storm has erupted in our direction, giving some idea of when the best time to look for aurorae, like these, might be. That video involved Stuart Clark, who wrote a book called the Sun Kings, which includes the story of the first observation of a solar flare linked to a resulting auroral storm, one by Richard Carrington in 1859, and who recently recommended ten good easy going books for astronomy enthusiasts.

Secondly, the original Zooniverse project Galaxy Zoo has turned its best known story – the discovery by user Hanny van Arkel of an unusual feature in the zoo data that turned out to be an unusual and very large form of nebula, the origins of which are still contested – into a comic. They have produced promotional cards and will be premiering the comic on the web at 3am on the 4th of September (because Dutch discoveries in a UK based program do need to be premiered in the USA…).


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