Some astronomy publications

A new month and a new quarter have broken, meaning there’s a fair few new things out to be read.

The Sky at Night Magazine have put out a preview of what’s in their October issue to wet your appetites.

Four centuries after conception and a hundred years or so after its use was occasionally demonstrated as after dinner entertainment, a book called Calculus Doesn’t Suck has appeared (along with podcasts and the like) to show the many varied uses of the mathematical methodology.

The British Astronomical Association has put out the latest issue of its journal. There’s a lot about the recent solar eclipse, including unusual shadow bands seen and a trip report by Francisco Diego.

The BAA has also released an entirely new publication from its double star group. Both of the BAA publications are free to download.

For those interested in planetary science, a Geophysics twitter newspaper has been launched. Such publications are websites drawing more in depth stories from the twitter feed of those followed by the editor.

Meanwhile, Astronomy Now has been looking back over September’s images. Just to be different.

For those who prefer a little more audio, then Under British Skies, the UK show, has a few more episodes out including this one on the planets and this one on citizen science.

ESA has also released an edition of its Euronews Space Magazine vodcast, which can be seen here, discussing science and science fiction. This is quite topical given the appearance of this interview with the scientific advisor to The Big Bang Theory as well as ruminations in Discovery on Disney’s updating and rereleasing of the not even aiming for accuracy 1979 film Black Hole.

Finally, the much vaunted Geek Calendar (in support of Libel Reform) is on its way and a trailer has been released. Close eyes now…


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