Some observing alerts

Jupiter remains king in the sky at the moment, as Will Gater’s image, showing a transit of Io shortly after my own observations of it, illustrates:

That black dot is the shadow of the satellite, a vast area of eclipse moving over the cloudtops of that giant planet.

The two most distant major planets of the solar system are also available to be found at the moment.

We also have a comet in Cassiopeia, comet Hartley, now edging onto the visible end of the brightness range. Finder chart here.

And for more advanced observers, there’s a faint blue star in Auriga presently up in brightness by about five orders of magnitude (taking it to around 16). Further details and a finder’s chart are here.

Finally, slightly more advance warning has come in about how the proper motion of the stars will alter the appearance of constellations over the next 50,000 years (yes, they can write this knowing no-one’s going to take it up with them if they get it wrong).


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