Things to do

There’s a few things happening in the offline world (I hear from friends – or at least twitter followers – that there is such a place). So here’s a couple I’ve noticed flying about:

Monday the Fourth of October at 7:00pm sees a meeting of the Eddington Society at Kendal Museum. A talk will be given on Refraction from Atmosphere to Gravisphere.

Tuesday/Wednesday the Fifth/Sixth of October are dates designated as possible star parties (one date will be used if clear that night) held by the Bristol Astronomical Society. Details here.

Saturday the Ninth of October sees the Science is Vital March for Science to demonstrate against cuts to the science budget. Details here.

Friday the Fifteenth of October at 6:30pm sees a meeting of the Eddington Society at the Brewery Arts Centre for an observing night – weather permitting.

Tuesday the 9th of November sees the start of a season of showings of the play Bright Star, running until Saturday the 27th of November, on the life of Beatrice Tinsley at the Tabard Theatre in London, including two dates with scientists answering questions raised by the play. Details here.

And finally, if the March gets you in the mood for moving about more, then there’s a Solar Eclipse Marathon to be held in Australia on the 14th of November 2012. The race begins as the Sun emerges from behind the Moon. Details here.


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