Some more IYA updates

Some more updates have come through on projects related to the International Year of Astronomy, 2009.

There’s a few events coming up. World Space Week will be held from the 4th-10th of October, coordinating space outreach activities across the globe. Shortly afterward, UCL will be hosting Your Universe, from the 15th-17th of October, with demonstrations on a range of astrophysical phenomena. And finally, Dark Matter Awareness Week hopes to raise awareness of, well, you guessed it, that stuff we’re unawares of, from the 1st-8th December.

The Galileo Teacher Training Programme has, in conjunction with the The Europlanet Outreach Team and Steering Committee, have released best practice guidelines for outreach activities.

One piece of outreach, Einstein@Home, has registered a success. The screensaver based cloud computing effort originally searched for the signatures of gravitational waves in data from the LIGO observatory, but also expanded into a pulsar hunt, finding a new rogue pulsar wandering through the skies 17,000 light years from us.

Having completed the final report of official IYA2009 activities, the website now wants to hear from all the events and happenings linked to IYA2009, but not included in the official census. Send your reports this way.


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