UK Astronomy Societies on Twitter

Quick list to keep me up to date, leave a comment if you know more:


5 responses to “UK Astronomy Societies on Twitter

  1. Hazel McGee

    Hi Phil

    Fabulous site, particularly like your meteor watch instructions.

    Regarding UK astronomy societies on Twitter, I believe @NewburyAS is no longer the main Newbury site. This is now @newburyastro, they’re good, you should follow them!

    Also of course don’t forget @britastro!

    Cheers & clear skies

    • Thank you, Hazel!

      I should learn to keep these things up to date… I do remember when @newburyAS became @VirtualAstro and I have been following @newburyastro for some time, it just didn’t click in my mind to make the adjustments here. I have now belatedly made the necessary amendments. Originally, the list was meant to be local societies only, but I guess since the SPA emailed me to get themselves on the list, I should’ve remembered to put the BAA on as well.

      Many thanks,

  2. Could you add @Breckland_Astro to your list please.


  3. You might like to add @BakerStAstro too, the “bsia” with irregular Regent’s Park starparty meets in London, although not signed up to BAA (I think?) they do stuff with them sometimes. I also run a SW London Stargazers (casual) group but we don’t have a twitter yet.

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