Video and photos from NASA’s STS-125 Tweetup

What happens when you combine online ‘microblogging’ and a physical meeting? A tweetup is a meeting of users of the twitter website both online and offline. Online users can ‘tweet’ their questions, answers can be supplied via tweets or the video streaming of the meeting.

The last NASA tweetup (as reported in two previous posts) united users of twitter with the space shuttle Discovery’s STS-125 (Hubble servicing mission four) crew, who notably twittered from space via @Astro_Mike (a tradition now continuing with @Astro_127 in Endeavour’s crew and several other mission commanders from future missions, all accessible through @NASA_Astronauts).

The tweetup’s action can be followed through the @nasatweetup twitter account or through searching for the #nasatweetup hashtag. Photos from the event can be found by clicking here on Nasa’s flickr account and video (as displayed below) on Nasa’s youtube account.


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